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Learn How To Buy The Best Protein Powder For The Exercise Plan

by MalYazzie - Mar 22, 2014 - 0

Protein promotes the development of lean muscle, lowers body fat and cholesterol and helps regulate blood glucose. Besides being an important part of one's daily food intake, it can also be taken in powdered supplement form by those who are looking to complement their fitness or bodybuilding program with an effective way to help them gain lean mass.

Many health-conscious people add these supplements to their nutritional program. It's possible to blend them in with some other foods, but most users enjoy them simply by mixing the powder with water and shaking it vigorously to produce a tasty shake. With so many of these products being sold, it can be difficult to select the best protein powder for men to lose weight for one's needs, therefore it can be helpful to have some idea of what to look for beforehand.

First, one needs to determine what the primary reason for using the supplement is, weight loss or increasing muscle, since it can be used for both. In the former case, the best match is a formula which is lower in calories and contains 100 percent pure protein. Those who are trying to primarily gain muscle will want one which has been designed for this purpose and has a higher caloric content.

The buyer must also decide at what time in his or her daily schedule will the supplement be taken. Those who want a meal-replacement product that can be taken during the day are better off with a formula that digests slowly such as those with casein powder. Whereas anyone planning on taking the shake prior to or following a workout should get a rapidly digested blend like whey isolate with added dextrose or maltodextrin, as these better promote glucose release for muscle growth.

One way to find the best flavor other than personal preference is to first decide what liquid base the protein is going to be mixed with, while most people use water, some prefer milk or juice and it can even be blended into some kinds of foods such as pudding or yogurt. Some flavors are more suitably mixed with particular liquids than others, and by selecting one the user finds pleasant-tasting, it's more likely that he or she will keep using it.

Those who have special nutritional needs will have to find a supplement that is appropriate for them. Vegans who don't drink milk should avoid whey, but may be fine using either egg-based or soy-based products, although males need to use soy in moderation since it has been associated with feminizing effects due to its naturally high estrogen content. People who are lactose-intolerant often choose egg protein blends.

Product labels should not be overlooked since they list important information about the supplement. The buyer needs to know that there is a difference between concentrate formulas which contain between 30 and 85 percent protein and isolate formulas that have more than 90 percent. One should also make note of the PDCAAS score, of which the top rating is 1.00, this stands for "protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score".

Quality supplements can be found at all price levels, and in most cases it is cheaper to buy in bulk as it saves money in the long run. Formulas which do not contain extra nutrients such as creatine, vitamins and such are usually cheaper and concentrates are also typically less expensive than isolate blends.


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